"Jon Ecklund is a talented actor/director and his work always shows intelligence and imagination. He is an effective leader and inspires all who work with him."

~ Asaad Kelada, Director: The Office, Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg, Everybody Loves Raymond, and many more

"Jon Ecklund is a joy to work with. His pedigree from Yale should say enough about his talent but it does not. Beyond making great films -- like the ones he produced for our nonprofit, Girl Be Heard -- the man can build sets, websites and whip up a corporate storyboard in his sleep. When working with a filmmaker, it is easy to spend a fortune on a huge production team. If you do not want to go this route, Jon is the perfect producer: resourceful, flexible, and humble on the set. Jon is all and more. We all miss him in NYC. New York City's loss is Charlotte's gain. It is without reservation that I recommend him.
~Jessica Greer Morris
Executive Director, Girl Be Heard"

Reviews for our short film DISPOSOPHOBIA

"Director Jon Ecklund sprinkles the film with little visual cues that give the story a very out of body experience. Is this conversation really taking place? Those are the types of questions that came to me while watching this bizarre little short film. When the end credits started to roll I felt I’d gotten what the filmmakers were aiming for but I wonder if the filmmakers know just how deep and layered their film is? This deserves multiple viewings. Great job!"

~ Rob Ridenour, clivebarkercast.com

"The direction and editing is very well done, and manages to escape the trap that short films usually fall into, which is being too short for the story to be properly communicated to the audience. This is not the case, as it succeeds in both story and direction. Give it a try, I enjoyed it immensely.

~ Jose Leitão, clivebarkercast.com

"I was prepared for a horror story, but wasn’t quite ready for the hard truth of this short film. It’s also a little reminiscent of Phillip K. Dick Stories and even the Twilight Zone, where we spend our time with the characters trying to separate reality from fantasy. Unflinchingly shot and powerful performances. Highly recommended."

~ Ryan Danhauser, clivebarkercast.com

See the complete clivebarkercast.com reviews HERE
Purchase or rent the film (Episode 10 of the "In Fear Of" webseries) HERE

"Jon is a dedicated, positive, committed filmmaker. He is creative and reliable. He has a balanced combination of work ethic, talent and social skills that allow him to flow seamlessly between collaboration and autonomy. His admirable education as an actor and experience as a non-profit theatre producer, make Jon a well-rounded filmmaker who can deliver the highest quality product for the best possible price. And he's a nice guy. I highly recommend Jon Ecklund."

~ Mitchell Riggs, Owner, LifeNow Video

"I hired Jon upon a few critical occasions of great importance both to the company and me professionally as a videographer, producer, writer and master of the arts! Traditionally at our company, when a new hotel opens, the new hotel receives a 'welcome video' from all of its sister properties. We had a tragedy in our family and had to move the scheduled date which left Jon even less time. My artistic vision was conveyed in a series of emails and we never once spoke in person - however, Jon was very flexible, was on time, brought his vast knowledge, experience and keen artistry to the task and created a masterpiece reflecting the spirit of our hotel and its passionately engaged employees to warmly welcome our newest property with the spark of a fine champagne popping! It is without pause I would not only hire him again but highly recommend him for any video, production needs you may have. Thank you Jon!"

~ Tim Kirkpatrick, Regional Director of Human Resources, Morgans Hotel Group

"Jon is one of the most passionate, hard-working, honorable, talented and dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure to work with and I'm proud to call him my friend. If ever working on a project or a production, he is the guy you want on your team because he will get job done and make sure it is exceptional."

~ Susan Rankus, Interim Managing Director, Manhattan Theatre Source

"Ecklund was dedicated, hard-working, creative, imaginative, trustworthy, and goodnatured in the performance of both thanked and thankless tasks needed to keep Yale Cabaret Hollywood alive. Best of all, his dry wit, his off-beat irony and the quality of his work."

~ Dyanne Asimow, Playwright

"Jon is committed and excellent actor and a hard-working intelligent producer. He worked harder than anyone and was always prepared and ready to do whatever was needed to make the production work. His talents and drive are exceptional"

~ Plone Allen, Writer/Director, Snow Lion Entertainment